I read her writings and ask God why he let her leave

I miss my baby girl. Sometimes I read her writing and ask God why he let someone leave that had fully given their life to him? She was touching people’s lives and she was reaching out and doing his work. I’m left here hurting as I read the wisdom of a 16 year old something most of us don’t even get as adults. She was a precious gift to all she loved and everyone of them should feel personally blessed by God to have had someone love them the way she did. She loved with her whole heart unselfishly with every inch of her soul. Stacy and I feel so lost without her. We don’t know how to live life without her not do we want to….My prayer…God let it be your will not mine but promise to continue to walk right beside me when your will does not match up with mine.

One of the many writing’s Sydney left

Just one of the many writings my baby left for us…there is no doubt she was living her life focused on eternity. Read what she wrote and then realize she was just 16 years old. God can use them no matter their age if they are willing to seek him,love him, and live for him. This is why I am filled with so much sorrow. The gifts he had blessed her with I miss in my life. I miss her encouragement, her love for others, and of course how much she loved me. I wished I would have found these things while she was alive so I could have told her how proud I was of her and her choice to live her life for Gods eternal promises and not the false promises that satan temps us with. We often say that someone’s beauty comes from within…and her beauty still shines through her writings. I will continue to say how blessed I was to be her mom. In case you can’t read her writing it says “when you are hurt use that pain and desire to be loved and pour love into others with kind words because we will celebrate the short lives we lived on this earth for eternity”