My name is MiIMG_5850editedchelle Broussard Jeter and I was blessed to be Sydney’s mom. I will start by saying I’m not a psychologist, I have not been to school or been taught how to handle the path my life has taken. I am just an ordinary person who is not afraid to speak about my feeling, the loss of my daughter, the pain I walk through, the life she lived and continues to live, and the profound presence of God and how he has carried me through my darkest and weakest moments allowing me to join him in bringing good out of the horrific loss of my larger than life daughter. After a beautiful day spent in bible studies, hanging out with her, and attending church Sydney left the house on July 10, 2013 to go get some ice cream. The ice cream place was closed and on their way home the vehicle she was a passenger in left the road and the driver lost control. He then over corrected jerking back onto the roadway at such force the vehicle flipped onto the side where Sydney was, and in less than a second she was taken from this world and I would never see my baby girl again. She was 16 years 9 months and 24 days old. Sydney’s life may have been short but she lived more in her 16 years then most of us live in a lifetime. After the accident so many people began to talk about the life she lived, how she was always there for others, her overwhelming desire to encourage others, make them smile and laugh, the way she loved selflessly, and the amazing work she did for God especially in the last two months of her life. Over the next two years several projects began to develop in her honor.  The soccer community started the Play for Jeter project along with a annual Sydney L Jeter Memorial Game, they designed bracelet’s that said Play for Jeter and students all around the community began Playing their sport in honor of Sydney. I also began finding several notes she had written in church and while reading a book and with the help of a family member and 3 friends created a book for Sydney titled A Legacy of a Lifetime, and on the two year anniversary of Sydney’s accident I was given a special gift..Jill Presnal gave me a box that included cards made from a post it note that Sydney had left me in my bible that read I think you’re beautiful. Jill said the way Sydney loved people was special and her hope was for us to be able to continue sharing her love with other via the cards and for the people that receive the cards to pass them on to others..continuing to spread love and kindness to others. I can not express how amazing it is to have others want to be a part of living for an honoring my precious girl. I have developed this website so that when people receive a card, a book, or see a play for Jeter bracelet or a post stating Play for Jeter they will be able to find out the story behind it and continue sharing with others Sydney’s desire to share God’s love and truth with the world..and allowing them to comment and share how that project may have affected their life. I and anyone who joins me become a vessel for her to continue to live, continue to witness to people, and continue to love others. Death didn’t stop Jesus and because of him…it isn’t stopping her either.1904133_787826541229915_7175779967532790180_nIf you are struggling with grief and looking for a peer who may not understand your specific loss but can relate please feel free to email me at camsydia@gmail.com

If you are looking for someone to speak about surviving loss, or would like me to share mine and Sydney’s testimony of how God worked in our lives before and after Sydney’s death you may also email me at the above email address.

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  1. I just received a card from ya’ll up at work and when I had a chance I sat down and looked up the website….thank you. WOW such love this family has, As nurse I see people and their families experience difficult times everyday, but as a father this really hit me hard. I can honestly say I felt something wash over me as I read about your daughter and I just wanted to say thank you and my heart goes out to you and your family. thank you for providing me with a smile today as I learned about this wonderful girl.

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  2. I was blessed to hear to speak to my M1 class today at the College of Medicine. I just wanted to thank you for sharing your story. It was a true honor to learn about your experience and how you honor the memory of your daughter today by bringing others together to deal with the immeasurable grief you have. As a future physician, I know there are certain wounds that cannot be healed, but it is very encouraging to know the impact of just being there and listening to those in need. God Bless you and your family, who will always be in my prayers


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  4. Hey Mrs. Jeter!
    My name is Edward Hwang. I had the honor to coach Sydney while she attended Allen Academy. She had one of the biggest and strongest hearts. She was passionate and always strived to become a better player, teammate, and person. I remember her carrying the whole middle school team by herself and thought she could play in the big leagues. I miss her and I will keep her, you and your family in my prayers. Hoefully I can attend one of the games in the near future. If you have any bracelets or anything left, please send me one if possible. Thank you.

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    • Edward thank you for the comment it truly warned my heart. I remember you coaching her. Actually I remember her being upset when Coach Diop stepped in to coach at the game because she said you were the one coaching them at every practice and she felt like you should have been coaching her at the game. She absolutely loved the game of soccer and all the people it brought into her life. Thank you for remembering you described her perfectly. I have plenty of bracelets. If you email me your address I will send you some. My email is camsydia@gmail.com


  5. We as parents and.grandparents who are suffering and hurting from loss of our precious children and grandchildren need to stand together. I’m giving everything to God. I’m praying for justice for my grandson Nicholas Pisani.


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