Missing you still consumes me and memories sustain me as I wait for the day God blesses me with seeing you again. As much as I hurt I’m also thankful that God blessed me with memories I can share. Her heart was beautiful❤️#missablekindofgirl#Godsttuth

Sydney’s Tumblr Bio

I know I’ve posted this before but every year this comes back up in my memories I just sit in awe. She truly loved others and wanted to share. 7 years ago today she updated her tumblr bio with this❤️ My #missablekindofgirlSydney Lisa Jeter

Beauty out of Ashes 

‪I remember the day I stood face to face w/my faith..face to face w/my belief in the word..the day I had to answer the question Is God alone enough..just days before Sydney and I were discussing this very subject. I assured her that as long as she had God the rest didn’t matter. Honestly at the time I was thinking that if you had God then everything else in life would fall into place. I was encouraging her to trust that if God was asking her to remove people from her life that even if he didn’t replace them, as long as she had God she had all she needed. So she began putting space between the relationships she felt didn’t honor God. Some she knew would die completely but some she felt she could still hold onto as long as she was wearing the amour of God when she was with them. If she was keeping the relationship her sole desire was to bring them into a relationship with God alongside her. She purposely and strategically thought about how when and where she would hang out with them. She decided one on one would be better than the usual group atmosphere as it was easier to protect herself and keep her focus on God. She made sure the environment she hung out with them in was a safe place for her..she invited them to her house and asked me to help her continue to honor God even when the get together wasn’t a bible study and the person didn’t know God. So the day I stood face to face with not only my faith and belief but death and a separation I could never have even imagined was 7/11/13 not 7/10/13 because yes Sydney took her last breathe on 7/10/13 but it wasn’t until 3am on 7/11/13 when I was told my daughter didn’t make it and it was 7/11/13 when I sat at my kitchen table wondering how I could survive..scared I would never feel joy and happiness again..the day the question started roaring through my mind “Is God alone enough?” I knew what the right answer was and began to realize the real question roaring through my mind was.. Did I BELIEVE God alone was enough. Before this moment in my life I had not ever had to truly answer this question..Don’t get me wrong I surely thought I had answered it I thought I had stepped out in faith but I was whole unbroken and strong. I had never faced a moment where I didn’t feel I was sort of in control. I’ve never been a materialistic person. The things that made me happy we’re people not things. I had all I needed in my was not was not a fairy tale..but my family was taking our issues to God and solving them with the word of I felt at peace protected and was watching God sweep Sydney off her feet. The love and light that shined through her was nothing I had ever seen before. Sidenote: (For all those moms who want your daughters to be loved..stop teaching them they need to find this love from the world or a man..the love that will change their life is simply the LOVE OF GOD ALONE..but they can’t believe it, if you don’t believe it) I’ve always said your faith grows not in reading the word but instead when you experience God, when you live out the word when you see and feel God working in and around your life and there was no doubt God was everywhere we turned. So that day I sat there with Sydney it was easy for me to tell her God alone is enough because I had never stood face to face with the reality of it..I had never had to stand before the Giant with only a stone and I had never had to step into the burning fire trusting and believing that God would fulfill his promise and bring me out alive or walk into the raging Red Sea trusting God to separate the waters and I had never had to face a day without one of the most precious gifts I had ever received. She was everything I dreamed of and then a million times more..I continually asked God was I suppose to survive when he took one of the best pieces of me..the question continued to roar in my head “Is God alone enough?”..thinking continually on my moments with Sydney knowing whole heartedly I did believe it..I believed it when I told her and I believed it now because his word says it..and if his word says it then it is truth..My relationship with God changed at that moment b/c starting this day I could not move without baby was gone and the devastation was all consuming..I didn’t want to spend a day away from her and certainly not years..but I survive because of God and God alone..I survive because I know God is real because I can’t survive this yet I am..I survive because my faith and belief are REAL..I survive because it may be years but it won’t be eternity..I have seen the beauty brought out of the ashes..I have seen God bring good from the bad..He continues to allow Sydney’s life to touch people he continues to allow her to share wisdom truth and her testimony with people and she’s not even here..the beauty that comes from the ashes wont make it right and it will NEVER be ok..but it is is a gift..It is Gods way of reminding me of his faithfulness..reminding me that HE ALONE IS ENOUGH. My life continues to change and be a challenge but I face each day knowing I can silence the roaring question..I may not have battled a giant or faced hungry lions but I have faced death and just as God was with them and brought them through it he is with me and brings me through it..mine is not a short throw of a stone and I’s a long journey but I’m thankful I don’t live in circumstances but instead I live in truth and that truth gives me hope for something more than the circumstances I face in this life. That truth reminds me this life is temporary therefore this pain and suffering will not last forever. That truth is the reason I continue.

Happy 20th Birthday Sydney Lisa Jeter

My heart is so broken because you were just so amazing. From the little spitfire at 18 months old so boldly telling me to leave you alone to the amazing young lady you became who desired nothing more than to share the love of God you found with other who felt broken and worthless. I wonder what your earthly birthday is like in heaven I know you probably don’t celebrate being born on this earth in heaven but I wonder do you celebrate that as the day you met me and your daddy for the first time? This is my 4th birthday without you, but it still hurts as bad as the 1st one. I thought I would bless your page with a little bit of you. Happy 20th birthday my forever 16 year old baby girl. I love you FOREVER AND ALWAYS Sydney Lisa Jeter

There is no better way to KNOW God then to see him work through someone’s life..The beauty of God’s faithfulness

There seems to be a lot of talk about our belief but is there actually proof in our lives that we do actually believe. Our own thoughts about our self or the burdens life has poured upon us, keep us beat down and hesitant to go where God is asking us to go. It never fails that on my weakest days God gives me something too hard for me..Most days I immediately think (and even ask him) why me God there is a whole world filled with people…so why me.. I’m weak I’m broken I’m hurting, and ultimately am I suppose to help someone else when I feel like I’m the one needing help. It is then that my belief comes into play..the bible is filled with verses stating with God all things are possible. Do I believe it? Do I believe that I’m included in the “all” because if I do then it doesn’t matter what I feel it only matters what I do once my belief is there then I step forward in faith. It’s the ability to step out in faith that actually proves what we believe. Most of the time this just happen..You don’t actually make the decision to believe and then step.. you simply allow yourself to spin in the potters hands and it isn’t until he’s done that you realize the beauty he created through your life. You see Sydney didn’t believe she had led a life capable of leaving a legacy for God. I know this because she wrote out a prayer that is included in her book (I’ve attached it). This prayer was written sometime after May 23, 2013 because it’s a prayer from a book that she had me purchase that day. I’m pointing this out to show others how absolutely faithful and big God is..It’s interesting how you notice things as you study them..what I notice in this prayer is two she didn’t believe she had lived a life to glorify God but then she says..I will stand on your promise that you will make something beautiful out of my brokenness and she asked him to help her live out the rest of her days to bring glory to him..The rest of her days..which she couldn’t have possibly know would only be 48..just 48 short days..but in those 48 short days..God used her life and made something beautiful out of her brokenness., and because she stood on the promises of God and because she trusted him..He used her to prove his faithfulness. I want to point out one more time what she wrote in that prayer and follow it with scripture…She wrote I will stand on your promise that you will make something beautiful out of my brokenness..and scripture says Isaiah 49:23 “She who trusts in the Lord will never be disappointed.” And Luke 1:45 Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill his promises to her..As of today we have shared 123 of Sydney’s books filled with scripture and God’s truth. In 48 short days he truly blessed her with A Legacy of a Lifetime! So the next time you feel like you can’t do what God’s asking you to do or maybe you feel like your too broken stand firm in your belief of scripture and remember Sydney and how God was faithful and created beauty out of what she saw as brokenness



I was completely satisfied with just being there..but God had so much more in store for me


When I initially got tickets to Spirit Fest 2015 I was just exited to be able to go and be a part of the months passed and I checked the entertainer lineup it just kept getting better and better..All my favorites..and one that will forever hold a special place in my heart.  Anyone who was at Sydney’s service knows that the last song she heard was By Your Side by Tenth Avenue North..I can’t help but think of her and feel her presence anytime I hear the song. It was such a blessing to know they would be a part of spirit fest and I would get to see them perform again..At this point I’m more than satisfied, its more than I would have even asked for..but I had no idea the special moments God would have in store for me that night..I never attend an event without I think you’re beautiful cards, or a couple of books.  I’ve usually already thought and planned to who or where I’m going to give share the books, but for some reason I brought them but didn’t really plan on giving them out.. Then I saw on the program they had set up autograph sessions with some of the bands and one was Tenth Avenue North..As I made arrangements to be there for the autograph session I kept thinking I would give them a copy of her book..we decided to see if they would autograph the cover of one of my extra books..I don’t usually get all shaky and nervous, but I guess even though I was filled with joy and happiness at the opportunity God was giving me, my emotions were unavoidable..As I stepped up to Mike (the singer) I was able to take a moment and tell him a little bit of Sydney’s story and told him why I was giving him a copy of her book..I asked if he would take a picture with her book and of course he didn’t hesitate, and then just a few hours later I’m standing right in front of the stage..watching an amazing performance and I get a tweet telling me I’ve won a special prize..I wasn’t able to leave where I was without losing my place so my friend Missy asked them if they would hold it until Tenth Avenue North finished..after the performance my mom and I headed to see what I won..I’m still thinking its a t shirt or a photo or something…so when I walked up to find that I had won an autographed guitar I was more than overwhelmed..I was basically speechless..The guitar was autographed by all the artist who performed at Spirit Fest 2015..that would be Third Day, David Crowder, Matthew West, Matt Maher, Tenth Avenue North, Sidewalk Prophets, Francesca Battistelli, Danny Gokey, Mr Talkbox, Dan Bremnes, Jon Guerra, and I think a few more..What an amazing gift and blessing..God truly had his hands on me and my life..A special thank you Spirit Fest and Mike from Tenth Avenue North for becoming a part of her legacy



Your greatest contribution to the kingdom may not be something you did but someone you raise

I read something the other day that I wanted to share..It was a statement that said “Your greatest contribution to the kingdom may not be something you do..but someone you raise.” when I read this I immediately thought of Sydney Lisa Jeter Many of you have heard me talk about Sydney’s writings we found after the accident. We made a scrapbook with them and displayed it on the year anniversary of the accident to share with those who came to support and love us. As people read through her writings many asked if there was a way to make a copy of the book to be able to share with others AND….with the help of my amazing sister in law Tanya and three friends Kristi, Cathy, and Marilyn WE DID IT. We made the book as inexpensive as possible, and if you catch the right sale you can get it for about 25 dollars. This book is filled with amazing wisdom and truth that Stacy and I believe will help anyone who choses to read it. She wanted to leave a legacy..In her OWN words she said she wanted to be known for her faith and devotion to God and always trusting him with her life.She wanted to be known as knowledable thoughtful and someone who gives good Godly advice..This is what she wanted her Legacy to be..and what a faithful God to work through her to end up fulfilling her hearts desire. When I think of Sydney’s legacy I will forever be reminded of Luke 1:45 Blessed is she who believed The Lord would fulfill his promises to her. 

Love getting feedback on how her book affects people’s lives!

I am reading Sydney’s book, I am just reading and reading and I am amazed at what a beautiful soul she is. I’m not a good writer as far as expressing my thoughts, but I am in awe of her! I really am. You and Stacy raised a gorgeous daughter, gorgeous on the outside and on the inside. Just outstanding. I know you are so proud of her. I know because I SAW it when she would visit and every time you spoke of her. Sending you, Stacy and Cameron all my love.
Thank you for the book!! I love it and will cherish it forever.

Sharing her book

Kelly Robinson Herriage‎ to Michelle Broussard Jeter
April 30 · College Station, TX ·

I gave my daughter Sydney’s book and told her about Sydney. She thanked me and headed for bed. Then I heard pages turning and I asked, “are you reading the book?” She said Yes. Thank you for sharing Sydney’s beautiful heart and love for the Lord