Some more of our story

I love when I hear a song that just touches my soul because the words connect with my journey. This song does just that. I know many think my need or desire for Jesus started after the accident but He was SO VERY present in every part of the previous 3 months. The words “every minute, every moment of where I’ve been and where I’m going, even when I didn’t know it and couldn’t see it” just seem to explain so many parts of our journey Jesus had been in our lives prior. Before soccer moved to Sundays we spent a lot of time in church and Sydney Lisa Jeter spent many years in Awanas memorizing scripture, went to vacation bible school, and loved to go to youth group. In all that, something had still been missing but In the moments of those last 3 months I knew something was different. The intensity was tangible. I knew he was working, I could feel him. I saw him in Sydney’s smile. It literally changed everything about her when she began to understand God’s love for her. She was free of the burdens of rejection and imperfection. She radiated with a light that’s unexplainable. I’m blessed to know that radiant light, was also witness by Stacy and a few others. Right in the middle of our brokenness, in the middle of my mistakes as a mother, in the middle of our living room, at the kitchen counter, in her closet, and even at the end of her last breathe here..THERE WAS JESUS. I knew then, that it was real but looking back now these words describe it best..THERE WAS JESUS.. we were the ones in need of an amazing kinda grace, forgiveness and a price we couldn’t pay..In the middle of it all was Gods beautiful faithfulness. I wish I could touch people and allow them to see and experience all I experienced, but all I have is words that I can write for you, her words that I can share and my prayers that no one ever doubt, that even when you can’t see him in those moments, he is there. If you ever wonder, if you ever need to hear a testimony that is too big for a post..look through Sydney’s website, message me, call me, I’d love to share Jesus with you.