Colossians 3:2

Colossians 3:2 Think about the things of heaven, not the things of earth!! Life isn’t about what you accumulate this side of heaven..Its about what you accumulate FOR ETERNITY! Luke 1:45 Blessed is she who believed that The Lord would fulfill his promises to her. Miss you always and forever Sydney!

God’s not Dead…Love and miss you Sydney Lisa Jeter

I’m just a little different when it comes to sharing messages..I don’t just want to speak something to someone I want them to understand..get it..feel it..God’s not Dead was a very good movie but very emotional for me..I already had an extremely hard time at church crying the whole way through worship..because not only do I miss Sydney more than anything..I know she’s happy and experiencing for real every word we sing..then emotionally heart broken we head to the movie..I had never even seen a preview..So many little messages through out that movie for us..first off..sometimes the answer is NO..boy this one hurts..we didn’t want our answer to be no..We knew something was wrong that night..she was never late and always stayed in communication with me so when I left to go look for her..Stacy was on his knees in the front yard praying to God “please let her be ok”..I was praying the same prayer as I was driving out to go look for her..our answer was No..I do not believe that God took her that night..But I do believe he allowed free will..and the decisions made..did take her that night..her work was not finished..but God worked through Sydney’s life and will work through her death..the messages he had her leave for us to find..the post she shared on Instagram and Facebook..are there for others to see how her heart changed that last year..I believe I also saw this message through the movie..God knows our life..our story has been written..he knows we have free will but never gives up..every time you are tempted by selfish desires..God has also provided a way out..the teacher had his mom speaking truth..when he rejected God didnt give up..he sent someone else a student/girlfriend to love and plant seeds..he still rejected..but God still loved so he sent the student who would end up debating w/him who also planted seeds..but still rejecting..God didn’t give up..he continued sending people into his life..God never gives up on us knowing we may never accept..THANK YOU see he didn’t give up on my baby she was struggling he continued to send ppl into her life to speak truth..she grabbed on several times but would get sucked back into the world a few times but the last time..The Holy Spirit was so strong..she understood..she grabbed on..changing everything about herself..she deleted her twitter, changed the music she listened to..she was pulling away from people that were bad influences, reaching out an offering forgiveness, she used her social media to share Gods message to try and save people from the lies Satan tells was beautiful and I was blessed to have been able to witness such a powerful change..all this because God never gave up on her..he continued to send OBEDIENT ppl into her life..she always had a choice to walk away..Thank God her last choice was to whole heartedly give every bit of her life to such an amazing God..So I will end by asking you..which person are you going to be in this life..the one that speaks against God..the one that lives for the world and just signs a piece of paper to make their life easy or the one who will chose to be obedient, and live so that God can use might just be the last truth someone hears..Thank you to every obedient Christian who walked through my daughters life..You allowed God to use your life because you lived for him and not yourself and Thank you to my beautiful girl Sydney Lisa Jeter God is still working good through your obedience what a beautiful legacy you left..I miss you!10245524_781787401833829_5035193812345732533_n

Nine months..I can’t believe it

Nine months today..I can’t believe it..9 months ago I got the worst news of my life..months keep passing whether I want them to or not..Each day is another day further away from the last time I hugged her or heard her voice..I knew I wasn’t going to be okay so in the last 9 months I’ve went to two different grief groups and a retreat for moms who have lost a child..I’ve had ppl tell me(with good intentions) that maybe some medicine would help me..I’m looking for the answer..the fix..the I can love my life again..Reality is I’m not..and that is OK..I’m not suppose to love this world..I’m suppose to feel like I don’t belong here..God has me exactly where Im suppose to and longing for something better than what this world has to offer..I hate it..I didn’t want to learn this lesson like this..I WANT MY BABY BACK! I don’t even know how I got where I am..I just keep waking up and time keeps passing..I keep praying and God keeps giving me strength..I know my reward will come and that gives me so much hope but it in no way takes away any of the pain I feel every second of everyday I live without her..Thank you to everyone who continues to pray, continues to carry us when we can’t seem to stand, for all the new moms I met that are walking this horrible nightmare, all the amazing soccer girls who played and continue to “PlayforJeter” words can not describe how much every little thing means to us! Always and forever Sydney Lisa Jeter

A Mom’s first Birthday without her child

I wanted to start off by saying Thank you for all the birthday wishes and mostly for the prayers. The way Facebook is it tells me I have all these post on my wall but I can’t see them all to respond to them so if I missed you it wasn’t personal I just can’t see it😢to respond. I had the best birthday I could have missing such a huge piece of my life. Sydney was always the one to make a play or come running in knocking me down with a hug saying Happy Birthday Mommie. I don’t believe she let this birthday go by without letting me know she was gonna be with fact I like to think she sent one heck of a storm to wake me up at 3:00am telling me happy birthday. For those that might have missed all the stories..the night my precious baby left us there was one cloud in the sky by our house that provided a beautiful lightening show no rain and the rest of the sky was clear. she hadn’t even been gone 24 hours. At the visitation when you walked out of the funeral home you saw a beautiful double rainbow. At the cemetery after the service all of a sudden a huge storm came in and poured down on everyone and blew the canopy off..for her birthday the wind was so strong that we could barley lift the balloons we had for her. The first soccer game of the season it rained and actually I think they had more rain during games this year then they had in a very long time..for her memorial game again..raining and this time it was also 28 when that storm came I knew it was Gods way of letting me know my girl was with me in spirit. I had some amazing people step up and make this very hard day as happy as it could possibly be..I will say again PEOPLE make all the difference. The ones that will be next to you whether you’re happy sad hurting laughing..I have a God that won’t give up on me when I’m sad he sends me someone not only to remind me of the eternity he has promised with my beautiful girl but to remind me even though my girl is not with me as long as I continue to walk with him my blessing will be enough for me to survive..God is enough..No matter where God takes me I will follow..I have to trust that he knows best and that even though my sufferings are great in this life I will be rewarded in my eternal life..there are a few people..very few..that have chosen to walk away disrespecting her, living speaking constant lies, making decisions they can never take back or undo..but what I have come to realize is..God protected me by removing them from my life..He makes good out of the bad..he has provided so many people that know how to love the way God says to love and I am forever blessed

A bereaved parent will never be okay living life w/o their child

A bereaved parent will never be okay with living life without their child..there is nothing right about it..normal will never exist again as there is nothing normal about her being gone..tears don’t stop as a piece of me died that night with is so hard to live without someone that was larger than life itself…in the midst of this horrible answer and my hope is from God alone🙏My baby girl left me that night but not to die instead to live waiting for me and everyone else she knew and loved that truly believes and is living this life focused on an eternity with an amazing God. She was living everyday not only loving God but reaching out and sharing him with others. I wanted whoever stops by to visit her to be reminded that as cute as the bunnies and eggs are the true reason for Easter is to celebrate the victory in Jesus that each one of us have…I painted and put in metal rods so that three crosses would stand to represent the Trinity (God,Jesus, and The Holy Spirit) my hope is knowing I will see her again..Love and miss you Sydney Lisa Jeter every second of everyday!