A bereaved parent will never be okay living life w/o their child

A bereaved parent will never be okay with living life without their child..there is nothing right about it..normal will never exist again as there is nothing normal about her being gone..tears don’t stop as a piece of me died that night with her..it is so hard to live without someone that was larger than life itself…in the midst of this horrible reality..my answer and my hope is from God alone🙏My baby girl left me that night but not to die instead to live waiting for me and everyone else she knew and loved that truly believes and is living this life focused on an eternity with an amazing God. She was living everyday not only loving God but reaching out and sharing him with others. I wanted whoever stops by to visit her to be reminded that as cute as the bunnies and eggs are the true reason for Easter is to celebrate the victory in Jesus that each one of us have…I painted and put in metal rods so that three crosses would stand to represent the Trinity (God,Jesus, and The Holy Spirit) my hope is knowing I will see her again..Love and miss you Sydney Lisa Jeter every second of everyday!

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