A little bit of the story behind the card…I think you’re beautiful <3 Sydney :D

PicMonkey CollageIf you’ve received one of Sydney’s cards I hope you feel the love of an angel surrounding you and I hope you know that you are beautiful ❤ Your card is our way of keeping Sydney’s memory and love alive..we hope that you consider sending the card with a pay it forward or sharing it with someone you know who may need to be reminded that no matter how they feel they are beautiful not only to others but to God who has made us in his own image. If you would like to share your story of why you shared your card or how it felt to receive the card feel free to leave a comment for others to read.

On the 2 yr anniversary of Sydney accident I was blessed with an amazing gift. Jill Presnal and I had become friends over the last two years and on many occasions she’d listened to me talk about Sydney and the way she “loved” not just me but everyone around her.
I asked Jill to share the story of why she made the cards:


I always loved seeing Sydney’s sweet notes on your Facebook and twitter feed- a bright spot in my day. The handwritten one on the post it was my favorite and I saved it to my phone. Maybe because I am a boy mom and don’t get little love notes hidden away is why it really touched me. The sweetness and simpleness of a little love note to make someone smile and feel loved. I would come across it when looking for a picture and it would always make me smile. I love the simpleness of it- her own handwriting on a little yellow post it note, tucked away in your bible for you to find. The simpleness of it but with a HUGE impact.

She thought ahead and wanted to make you smile, feel loved, know that you are beautiful. And she did this not just for her mom, but for so many. Bible verses, Instragram posts, kind notes giving others support and love and comfort.
In our world it is rare to come across someone so giving and kind that lifts others up. I thought- wouldn’t it be nice to get a sweet love note like that from someone? A surprise, tucked away in your purse, or book, or even for a stranger- on their windshield. So that is where the idea started- spread Sydney’s love and kindness all around. In a world where there is so much sadness, anger, pain- we all need love and kindness. What a perfect way to brighten someone’s day or surprise a friend or stranger. I have one on my visor by a very special picture and whenever I flip it down and see the photo with Sydney’s sweet words I smile. And I hope that is what everyone does when they get a Sydney love note, smile and feel loved.

IMG_9015The I think you’re beautiful card originated from a post it note Sydney left in my bible. She was always leaving what I would call “love” notes or encouraging notes for people to find. I believe God knew I would need some encouraging words from her so he had her leave it for me to find..after the accident I began using Sydney’s bible when I attended church or bible study because it made me feel close to her. So I didn’t end up finding this extremely cherished “love” note until several months after the accident.

It has been (by far) one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received because she has given me a way to continue “loving” people the way Sydney would have loved them if she were here.


Two more of Sydney’s “love” notes The first one was left for one of her soccer team mates and the last one she wrote on her Daddy’s grocery list. She was at the end of her Sophomore year of high school when she left these so those around her would know how much they meant to her. I challenge you..I challenge you to stop for a minute and let someone know how much you love them or that you think they rock your socks, or that they are beautiful

8th Annual Play For Jeter game

There are no words individually, or that I can put together that can express the appreciation and love that we feel for all the people who are part of the game and honoring Jeter and all the people who show up to support us and the Consol Lady Tiger Soccer team. I had an amazing surprise by Courtney Sydney’s friend from Leander and also the first time my Brother in Law got to attend. I loved getting to share this with them but also loved getting to share this with my friends, family and faithful tribe and of course Sydney’s teammates who continue to join us. I wasn’t able to get a group picture with everyone as some had to leave but I truly love all of you. Thank you for always loving my #missablekindofgirl and continuing to #PlayForJeter

7 Years Later

Friday we passed the 7 year mark. It’s unbelievable how large that number looks when my heart and mind are stuck in that moment as if time has stood still. To me it still seems like just yesterday. We don’t experience time the same way as others. I appreciate those who continue to support us and rally around us on that day so that the negative thoughts and the lies of the enemy aren’t the only ones we hear. Thank you Kristi for always posting and sharing pictures and helping me keep Sydney’s memory alive. It’s sad for me to say that after 7 years..YOU are the only one who did. Thank you to Marilyn for always sending us the most amazing crafty gifts that always seem to fit the memories and thoughts perfectly. Thank you to our faithful friends and Sydney’s faithful friends who continue to show up and sit with us. They aren’t just praying for us..they are the ones who have answered Gods call for them to be the answer to our prayers. I know that is a call many don’t want, and have avoided. Thank you to those few who have continued to love us instead of treating us like we don’t exist. After 7 yrs I can honestly say I still need as much love and support as I did the day it happened. After 7 years I still so desperately desire to know that Sydney’s life and love have not been forgotten. Thank you to the few people who couldn’t come by but reached out and sent messages letting us know they were thinking about and praying for us. Knowing they remembered some how makes us feel a little less alone. I have always been the easiest person in our family to approach. Stacy does not get a lot of people reaching out to him. His response is often filled with some RAW truth that many just want no part of. I am so very thankful that Marty Wilkinson and Robert Mumford cared enough to reach out to him. You have no idea what that meant to him. Thanks again for all those who were selfless enough to think of us and Sydney as we reluctantly move into another year without a part of us. I miss Sydney and I miss who I was when she was here. This isn’t how it’s supposed to be and I’m forever tossing in life trying to find a more comfortable position. One that doesn’t seem to present that throbbing ache inside my heart. I wish it was like the other throbbing aches, the ache that a little Advil could take care of, but it isn’t arthritis and no matter how much I toss and turn nothing feels comfortable, nothing feels right. I continue because I woke up breathing this morning and trust that if God gave me breathe then he has a purpose for me today. I have experienced his strength to carry me beyond my capabilities so I continue to follow him because he is the only one that has the fix to my tossing and turning. Not a new bed, not a doctor, not a therapist..just JESUS🙏🏻


Missing you still consumes me and memories sustain me as I wait for the day God blesses me with seeing you again. As much as I hurt I’m also thankful that God blessed me with memories I can share. Her heart was beautiful❤️#missablekindofgirl#Godsttuth

Sydney’s Tumblr Bio

I know I’ve posted this before but every year this comes back up in my memories I just sit in awe. She truly loved others and wanted to share. 7 years ago today she updated her tumblr bio with this❤️ My #missablekindofgirlSydney Lisa Jeter

Some more of our story

I love when I hear a song that just touches my soul because the words connect with my journey. This song does just that. I know many think my need or desire for Jesus started after the accident but He was SO VERY present in every part of the previous 3 months. The words “every minute, every moment of where I’ve been and where I’m going, even when I didn’t know it and couldn’t see it” just seem to explain so many parts of our journey Jesus had been in our lives prior. Before soccer moved to Sundays we spent a lot of time in church and Sydney Lisa Jeter spent many years in Awanas memorizing scripture, went to vacation bible school, and loved to go to youth group. In all that, something had still been missing but In the moments of those last 3 months I knew something was different. The intensity was tangible. I knew he was working, I could feel him. I saw him in Sydney’s smile. It literally changed everything about her when she began to understand God’s love for her. She was free of the burdens of rejection and imperfection. She radiated with a light that’s unexplainable. I’m blessed to know that radiant light, was also witness by Stacy and a few others. Right in the middle of our brokenness, in the middle of my mistakes as a mother, in the middle of our living room, at the kitchen counter, in her closet, and even at the end of her last breathe here..THERE WAS JESUS. I knew then, that it was real but looking back now these words describe it best..THERE WAS JESUS.. we were the ones in need of an amazing kinda grace, forgiveness and a price we couldn’t pay..In the middle of it all was Gods beautiful faithfulness. I wish I could touch people and allow them to see and experience all I experienced, but all I have is words that I can write for you, her words that I can share and my prayers that no one ever doubt, that even when you can’t see him in those moments, he is there. If you ever wonder, if you ever need to hear a testimony that is too big for a post..look through Sydney’s website, message me, call me, I’d love to share Jesus with you.

Tenth Avenue North

Several months ago, I grabbed some tickets to see a very special band Tenth Avenue North. For those who don’t know the story. Their song By your side was the last song playing in the car the night Sydney met Jesus. I hadn’t ever heard of the band prior to that but I immediately had to go listen. I cannot tell you the peace and comfort the words brought me, and then I came across Hold my heart and that song literally described my heart. Music was the tool God used to help me survive. The words to these songs were the truth I needed to be reminded of. Music somehow made me feel connected to God and heaven, which connected me to Sydney. I also know that God specifically chose this band to be a part of my journey. I had no idea when I got the tickets that this would end up being the last tour they would do as Tenth Avenue North. I can’t explain to you in a post all the ways God worked all around us the past several years through them. God is so good and these guys were so amazing. We got to sit on the bus and have coffee with them and just talk to them. There were only 6 of us. We got to share a little of Sydney’s story with them and thank them for the music they created and the sacrifice they make to be away from their family. We got to ask them about their lives and where they find encouragement when times get tough for them. I had 3 Play For Jeter bracelets with me and after the small group got through talking, I asked them if they would want to wear one of Sydney’s bands for my picture. They all said of course❤️These little small things mean so much. They actually kept them on throughout the concert. I know it’s just a bracelet but seeing it on someone’s arm never fails to make me smile. I always feel like Sydney is there with me but I couldn’t help but feel God gave her the opportunity to be there with them. Thank you God! My cup runneth over. Wishing them lots of luck on their next chapters and some much needed family time. Here are some pictures and videos from the night. Yes Mike personally made our coffee, yes he stood in our chairs, yes he played both songs By your Side and Hold my heart. #PlayForJeter #missablekindofgirl #tenthavenuenorth #noshametantour

Colossians 3:2

Think about the things of heaven, not the things of earth!! Life isn’t about what you accumulate this side of heaven..Its about what you accumulate FOR ETERNITY! Luke 1:45 Blessed is she who believed that The Lord would fulfill his promises to her. Miss you always and forever

7th Annual Play For Jeter Memorial Game

Last night The Lady Tiger Soccer Program had the 7th Annual Play For Jeter Memorial Soccer Game. It sill amazes me how these Coaches and Teammates continue to honor and carry my daughters memory. JETER loved soccer, she was a fierce competitor, and she played with so much passion and heart. What a blessing for this program to continue to promote and pass on those characteristics in her memory. I’ve said it many times but want to say it again. I believe that every sports program works hard to win games, but I believe a program has won so much more when you have taught their team compassion, empathy, and that sometimes you are entrusted with not only carrying your teammates on the field but also carrying their Legacy and passion for the game. There aren’t words to express my appreciation and love for this program and the soccer community. I don’t know these girls like a team parent does but I watch them, I learn their names position and numbers and I cheer for them like they are a part of my family because to me they are. I also want to thank all the people who continue to support our family by attending or posting about Sydney Lisa Jeter We love you all. #PlayForJeter #missablekindofgirl #AMCLadyTigerSoccer

The story of job

I’m going to be honest. I do not like the story of Job. I do not find comfort in even the restoration that God provided because when you’ve lost a child you know what the rest of the world doesn’t..there is no restoration for what you’ve lost apart from heaven. Another child or 10 more children will NEVER replace the unique beautiful ones he lost or we have lost. Money and stature may make grieving a little easier as the weights of everyday life may be a little less but it DOES NOT take away the pain of losing and missing your child. I wanted to start by saying that because I think the story of Job is so much deeper than what we are often taught today. I hear this story told and it’s often told in a way that encourages people to continue when it’s dark because if you do God will restore everything to you. He may however he may not..regardless Job didn’t have his story to encourage him or a story of someone else to encourage him. He had himself and his faith in God. I think Job’s story isn’t about what happened at the end, I think Job’s story is about showing and teaching us that even in the dark times unbeknownst to us, if we trust and continue regardless of our circumstances he can use us as a witness and to encourage others. Maybe Jobs story isn’t about the blessings at the end, maybe it’s about the fact that he walked into the darkness and trusted God not knowing how it would end. The relationship that obedience created between God and Job was unbreakable because Job knew God was and will forever be his only hope. The story of Job is a witness of the belief that we are nothing apart from God and to what profit is it for a man to gain the world but lose his own soul. Something to think about..or maybe just what I think about.