1st day of school pics

Starting when she was 3 years old I took 1st day of school pictures and tomorrow will be the first day I will not be blessed with that experience with my beautiful Sydney Lisa Jeter and Cameron will stand alone without his sister beside him for the first day. There is no ease to this pain and sorrow. We have for the past 45 days searched for comfort but find none. We as a family are lost without her. How it breaks my heart to know that Cameron’s lock screen for his iPod is a picture of the cemetery where his sister is. How is a parent suppose to ever be okay with that?

Broken-Poem written by Michelle Jeter

Missing you is the hardest thing I’ve ever done
I try to find comfort but there is none
No doubt baby girl you were one of a kind
I think about you and your smile all the time
Knowing you’re gone leaves me beyond broken
There are no words that can even be spoken
When I think about how bright your light shined
I realized how blessed I was to call you mine
On that day God was by your side
You saw Jesus and new you had to say Goodbye
I wish you could be back in my arms
But I know God took you from wordly harm
They say your work was already done
As I find your notes I realize mine just begun
Broken and hurting beyond repair
The pain deep inside is more than I can bare
I sit and pray for God’s healing
As I can no longer handle these broken feelings