7th Annual Play For Jeter Memorial Game

Last night The Lady Tiger Soccer Program had the 7th Annual Play For Jeter Memorial Soccer Game. It sill amazes me how these Coaches and Teammates continue to honor and carry my daughters memory. JETER loved soccer, she was a fierce competitor, and she played with so much passion and heart. What a blessing for this program to continue to promote and pass on those characteristics in her memory. I’ve said it many times but want to say it again. I believe that every sports program works hard to win games, but I believe a program has won so much more when you have taught their team compassion, empathy, and that sometimes you are entrusted with not only carrying your teammates on the field but also carrying their Legacy and passion for the game. There aren’t words to express my appreciation and love for this program and the soccer community. I don’t know these girls like a team parent does but I watch them, I learn their names position and numbers and I cheer for them like they are a part of my family because to me they are. I also want to thank all the people who continue to support our family by attending or posting about Sydney Lisa Jeter We love you all. #PlayForJeter #missablekindofgirl #AMCLadyTigerSoccer

Sydney Jeter Love of the Game Award

There just aren’t words to express how thankful I am that The Lady Tigers Soccer Program and these girls continue to Play For Jeter and honor the passion and love she had for the game❤️It isn’t just the girls and the coaches though, it is the parents and families that continue to include us, communicate with us and treat us as they would any other soccer parent. Thank you to all who have continued to Play For Jeter and include our family alongside yours! #PlayForJeter#missablekindofgirl

Below is what was shared by a parent:

“Tonight at the soccer banquet KK was awarded District 19-5A Defensive Player of the Year and 1st Team All District. She also received the Sydney Jeter Love of the Game award voted on by her teammates. (Michelle Broussard Jeter, Consol continues to honor your girl, and KK is proud to receive this award!)We are so proud of what this girl accomplished this year! She is fierce and battles life with such courage. We are proud of KK & our Consol Lady Tigers! ❤🐯⚽️

6th Annual “Play For Jeter” Memorial game

I don’t even know where to begin. One of my dear friends said it best..WOW..yesterday we began the new year with the Annual Play For Jeter Memorial game and tailgate. This is the 6th year for the event and I’m still just as blown away as ever. The kindness and love they continue to pour over our family and Jeter’s Memory is unbelievable. I’m still shocked that even though none of the girls knew her they love and carry her memory and passion for the game as if they did. I work hard to keep her spirit and memory alive but only a bereaved parent can understand the beautiful gift it is to have others do it as well. This year they were able to play at Ellis Field (A&M’s soccer stadium) which I’m sure was a treat for the girls. The team has continued to showcase a “Play For Jeter” slogan on the sleeve of their team shirt they wear to school on Fridays since the 2013 season, but last night these girls had on a brand new maroon game jersey that also showcased “Play For Jeter” on the sleeve❤️This school, these coaches, these parents, these girls..they are teaching and learning something beyond winning and losing. They are learning compassion and how to love and care for someone else. That some how just kinda wraps up exactly who JETER was off the field. I am humbly grateful to everyone who stepped up to help organize this event. Coach Lockart and the other coaches, Chad Thompson with Morrison supply who helps sponsor the tailgate, Amanda Vaughan with Card My Yard for the amazing decorations, and all the amazing parents, the Dad’s who grilled the burgers and especially Jill and Gary Tomlinson who not only give their time to plan and organize the event but have included me and made me feel part of this soccer family. I am also thankful for everyone who comes to support us and the event especially my amazing friends who have made nearly every event the last 6 years, their sons have stood by and supported Cameron like true best friends. These beautiful people come not only to remember Jeter and support us but to support the Consol Lady Tiger soccer program. I am attaching some pictures and video and a tweet Jeter shared a little over 6 years ago❤️Thank you Consolidated Lady Tigers for having my girls back I’m positive she never thought it would be carried out quite like this. #PlayForJeter #missablekindofgirl #AMCladytigersoccer2019

5th Annual Sydney L Jeter Memorial Game

This year was the 5th Memorial Game the girls soccer team has done for my daughter, and this is also the first year that there isn’t a girl on the field or a Coach out there that actually knew Sydney. It cannot be an easy task to try and memorialize someone you didn’t know however these girls never cease to amaze me. I want people to see the beauty of the soccer community, the beauty of being part of a team, and how these girls continue to carry a teammate they never even knew. This started with Jeter’s original teammates wanting to honor someone they would miss, but seeing it pass through the hands from captain to captain and even coach to coach has been remarkable. I believe that every sports program works hard to win games, but I believe a program has won so much more when you have taught your team compassion, empathy, and that sometimes you are entrusted with not only carrying your teammates on the field but also carrying their Legacy and passion for the game. I enjoyed getting to sit down and visit with them hear what positions they play and get to know them a little as they also sat and listened to stories hoping to get to know Sydney from her prior teammates. There are not words to express my thankfulness and appreciation for the soccer parents who were responsible for putting this together, the parents who I got to meet and get to know, the 2017-2018 Lady Tiger soccer Coaches and team for continuing to Play For Jeter and allowing us to continue to be part of your family, the Alumni and their families who continue to fill my heart with so much love. Continuing to be a part of their lives is a beautiful and priceless gift. #PlayForJeter

Video 3rd Annual Sydney L. Jeter Memorial Soccer Game

Again I am overwhelmed and blown away by the support and love this community continues to show to Sydney and our family. This year as I sat in the stands I was surrounded by parents who had no child on the field, but they were there to support the Lady Tiger Soccer team and Coaches as they continue to play a memorial game in honor of Sydney and what her life meant to the A&M Consolidated Lady Tiger Soccer Program. When I lost Sydney I had in my mind the people I thought would walk next to us, but as time moves on I’ve realized the people you thought would never leave..do..but then you are overwhelmed when you realized the people who step in..unafraid to stand next to you..cry with you..and most importantly share stories and pictures with you. The soccer community whether competitive league or high school has given more than I ever imagined. People often say competitive soccer is about making money..I am proof it is not..I believe almost all of Sydney’s competitive coaches not only came to her funeral but were there for the 1st memorial game (7 months after the accident) and a few consistently at EVERYONE of them..this is above and beyond what someone would do if it was about making money. This is what you do when you are part of a family and that is how the soccer community makes me feel..like we are forever part of their family. I know Sydney feels all the love the soccer community has shown her and I’m so grateful to be a part of such an amazing family⚽️

2nd Annual Memorial Game “Play for Jeter”

Play for Jeter

Everything that came out of Sydney Jeter’s mouth was wonderful: wonderfully loving, wonderfully witty, wonderfully joyful, and wonderfully sarcastic.  Sydney seemed to feel emotions more strongly than the rest of us.  When she was angry, she was furious.  If she liked you, she loved you.  She was always quick: quick on the soccer field, quick with her wit, quick to laugh and quick to love. and when she loved, she loved ferociously.  She would fight tooth and nail to defend those she loved.  She would shower you with affection. Sydney made you feel special. Being around her was like having your own personal sunshine; a sun that burned brightly and fiercely.  Sydney was passionate and vibrant and unforgettable.  She was a light so bright that if you closed your eyes you could still see her image in front of you.  To quote the musical group, Train, “When I look to the sky something tells me you’re here with me and you make everything alright”

Tonight and every night we “Play for Jeter”

written by Hannah Steward

Coach Stuart Keogh wrote-I would like to welcome everyone to Tiger Stadium. Tonight we celebrate the life of Sydney Jeter, A&M Consolidated class of 2015.  Sydney enjoyed her family, her fiends and soccer.  Many of you here tonight grew up with Sydney on the soccer field.  Whether you were her team mate, a parent, a coach or one of her many friends that came along to watch, you are a part of a community for Sydney and her family, the soccer community is counted as both family and friend. Special guest tonight joining the players on the field are:

Sydney’s parents-Stacy and Michelle Jeter, and Brother Cameron Jeter..It is with great pleasure that the A&M Consolidated Girls and Boys Soccer teams stand on Tiger Field to remember their friend, classmate and team mate, Sydney Jeter, in the 2nd Annual Sydney L. Jeter Memorial Soccer Game. Please stand for a moment of silence


2nd Annual Sydney L Jeter Memorial Game

There are no words to express how amazing it is that ppl loved Sydney enough to continue events like last night..for anyone who is or has been a part of carrying her memory..PlayingforJeter..sharing her legacy..and most importantly keeping her memory alive..I am forever greatful..appreciative..and blessed. I know many who have lost children who do not have this precious gift y’all have given us and I know you will never understand what it truly means but what I do know is that God and Sydney do..With every picture posted..every time her friends approach me not afraid to talk to me..the ones that didn’t know her at all but KNOW her now..YOU are Gods constant reminder to us that Sydney was and IS loved despite the heartache and reality that a few sought out to hurt us MANY more have stepped forward to overwhelm us with the love they have for her..So as time moves forward please remember it is okay to tell us you thought about her..to let us know she touched your life or if something good came because of her inspiration..or just to simply say you miss seeing her smile..its not sad it is a blessing that encourages us to continue. I want to say a special thanks to the Tiger Club for her Senior Tiger Paw..A&M Consolidated High School..The Soccer Community..The Tiger Soccer teams last year and this year for sharing your love for Sydney with others who may or may not have been able to know or play with her..and last but certainly not least Kim Stewart Alex and Hannah Stewart for arranging and organizing not one but two memorial games in Sydney’s honor..for the perfect words written by Hannah that let me know someone else really “KNEW” Sydney..Its not possible to describe the indescribable appreciation Stacy Jeter Cameron and I feel for all that y’all have done!

A&M Consolidated High School Soccer team retired #8 it will hang in their locker room

This is the framed Jersey they put up in the locker room with a picture of Sydney Lisa Jeter next to it..her number is retired and will no longer be available at A&M Consolidated High School..the soccer girls memorial game and presentation was beautiful and touching. We love you guys!
Michelle Broussard Jeter’s photo.

1st Annual Sydney L. Jeter Memorial Game “Play for Jeter”


I can not express what this night or the words spoken for Sydney meant to our family

Photo Feb 13, 12 09 43 PM







Photo Feb 13, 12 10 32 PMHi, I’m Mycah Miller and on behalf of the Lady Tiger Soccer team, Coaches Keogh, Palmer and Bartley, I would like to welcome you to the crosstown showdown and the Sydney L. Jeter memorial Game.  Tonight we Play for Jeter! Like many of you here tonight Sydney and her family spent many nights and weekends on the soccer field. At this time we ask that The Jeter Family as well as the Bryan High Lady Vikings and their coaches and the College Station High School Lady Cougars and Coach Pryor and Pollard join us on the field.  We also invite any individual that played with or coached Sydney on a recreational, school or club team to please join us on the field



alexPhoto Feb 01, 2 08 20 PMHello, my name is Alex Steward and like many of you here tonight I had the privilege of playing soccer with Sydney, or as we called her, Jeter.  I met Jeter 5 years ago when she first came with my club team to play in a soccer tournament. From the moment I met her I was instantly impressed with her fearless, spunky attitude. In one of the games we played that weekend she managed to make a girl twice her size very mad at her and she couldn’t have been more pleased with herself. I mean I was small, but she was smaller, but for some reason that was never an issue with Jeter.  She was as big as she wanted to be and she would stand up to anyone and everyone if she felt strongly enough about it.  Jeter was an amazing person who touched so many lives.  I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to know such an incredible young woman.  I included a picture of Sydney from the tournament that weekend.

Photo Feb 13, 1 14 25 PM Photo Feb 13, 12 12 51 PMHi, I am Hannah Steward and I had the privilege of playing not only on a competitive team with Sydney, but also on the high school team as well.  Now I’ll be honest, soccer is fun and all, but days and days of soccer drills can become a little monotonous (No offense Palmer) Luckily we had Jeter around.  It was just implied that she would make things more entertaining.  At the beginning of the year she and I decided to have “theme days” and we would come to practice speaking only in rhymes or in similes. I remember the worst of them all was definitely opposite day.  One of us would run down the field wide open yelling “don’t pass it to me, don’t pass it to me!” Oddly enough neither of us had a productive practice that day.  My favorite story though had to be the ladybug.  One day out on the turf Sydney bent down and picked up a ladybug that crawled on to her shoe, she turned to me and said completely straight faced, “this is Freduardo I think I am going to adopt him but we will have to talk about his fashion, red just isn’t his color.” She carried him around all through practice and once when she dropped him she had to stop the entire practice to make sure he wouldn’t get stepped on.  And that’s just how Jeter was. Not only was she hilarious and fun to be around, she was fiercely protective of the ones she loved, always making sure you were okay even if you were just a little Ladybug.

Photo Feb 13, 12 14 02 PM




Macie closed the remembrance with this beautiful prayer




Here are a few other pictures from the game that night

The coaches in attendance: Stuart Keogh, Joe Palmer, Stoney Pryor, Jimmy Pollard, Keaton Henson, Elvis Tekow, Bill Miller, and Kim Stewart