2nd Annual Memorial Game “Play for Jeter”

Play for Jeter

Everything that came out of Sydney Jeter’s mouth was wonderful: wonderfully loving, wonderfully witty, wonderfully joyful, and wonderfully sarcastic.  Sydney seemed to feel emotions more strongly than the rest of us.  When she was angry, she was furious.  If she liked you, she loved you.  She was always quick: quick on the soccer field, quick with her wit, quick to laugh and quick to love. and when she loved, she loved ferociously.  She would fight tooth and nail to defend those she loved.  She would shower you with affection. Sydney made you feel special. Being around her was like having your own personal sunshine; a sun that burned brightly and fiercely.  Sydney was passionate and vibrant and unforgettable.  She was a light so bright that if you closed your eyes you could still see her image in front of you.  To quote the musical group, Train, “When I look to the sky something tells me you’re here with me and you make everything alright”

Tonight and every night we “Play for Jeter”

written by Hannah Steward

Coach Stuart Keogh wrote-I would like to welcome everyone to Tiger Stadium. Tonight we celebrate the life of Sydney Jeter, A&M Consolidated class of 2015.  Sydney enjoyed her family, her fiends and soccer.  Many of you here tonight grew up with Sydney on the soccer field.  Whether you were her team mate, a parent, a coach or one of her many friends that came along to watch, you are a part of a community for Sydney and her family, the soccer community is counted as both family and friend. Special guest tonight joining the players on the field are:

Sydney’s parents-Stacy and Michelle Jeter, and Brother Cameron Jeter..It is with great pleasure that the A&M Consolidated Girls and Boys Soccer teams stand on Tiger Field to remember their friend, classmate and team mate, Sydney Jeter, in the 2nd Annual Sydney L. Jeter Memorial Soccer Game. Please stand for a moment of silence


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