2nd Annual Sydney L Jeter Memorial Game

There are no words to express how amazing it is that ppl loved Sydney enough to continue events like last night..for anyone who is or has been a part of carrying her memory..PlayingforJeter..sharing her legacy..and most importantly keeping her memory alive..I am forever greatful..appreciative..and blessed. I know many who have lost children who do not have this precious gift y’all have given us and I know you will never understand what it truly means but what I do know is that God and Sydney do..With every picture posted..every time her friends approach me not afraid to talk to me..the ones that didn’t know her at all but KNOW her now..YOU are Gods constant reminder to us that Sydney was and IS loved despite the heartache and reality that a few sought out to hurt us MANY more have stepped forward to overwhelm us with the love they have for her..So as time moves forward please remember it is okay to tell us you thought about her..to let us know she touched your life or if something good came because of her inspiration..or just to simply say you miss seeing her smile..its not sad it is a blessing that encourages us to continue. I want to say a special thanks to the Tiger Club for her Senior Tiger Paw..A&M Consolidated High School..The Soccer Community..The Tiger Soccer teams last year and this year for sharing your love for Sydney with others who may or may not have been able to know or play with her..and last but certainly not least Kim Stewart Alex and Hannah Stewart for arranging and organizing not one but two memorial games in Sydney’s honor..for the perfect words written by Hannah that let me know someone else really “KNEW” Sydney..Its not possible to describe the indescribable appreciation Stacy Jeter Cameron and I feel for all that y’all have done!

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