I won’t see maroon or purple I will see her teammates whom she loved

19 months today..some days I feel I’m still in shock and denial and some days its so real I can’t breath..missing her consumes my mind 24/7 and nothing eases the desire to have her back..Yes I feel her spirit..yes she lives in my heart..but that isn’t enough to take away the desire to hear her laughter, to hug her, to be loved by her..to watch her live..
Tonight I plan on attending the soccer game..for those that don’t know Sydney’s freshman year we only had one high school in College Station and Sophmore year her class was split as a new high school opened. Tonight is the first time those two high schools will play each other. I unlike most that will be there will not look out and see Maroon or Purple..I will look out and see her teammates whom she loved..her first high school coach on one side of the field..her last high school coach on the other side of the field..I have so many memories with so many of the girls I feel like they are part mine even though they aren’t but yet mine can only be there in Spirit..I wouldn’t want to miss it yet it is painful all the same..I’m very greatful to know that as I watch and support them that most out there will be PlayingforJeter!

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