Elf on the shelf

Everyone that knew my precious Sydney knew she was a lot like..well her Momma..she was a strong willed child and started her terrible twos at 18 months and I don’t think they every stopped. She challenged me constantly..I mean if I was going to tell her something I better have my facts backup and proof..All these pics of the elf on the self motivating kids to be good reminds me of one Christmas season when I think she was like 5 or 6 she was being a little hard to handle and I reminded her that if she wasn’t good Santa wouldn’t bring her any presents..She looked at me and said..Yes he will..I was worse last year and he still brought me lots of stuff…Of course I was speechless I mean what could I possible say to that? What I realized is that strong willed child turns into a strong independent young lady that became a beautiful intelligent Proverbs 31 lady..I miss that spunky little girl and I’m thankful for every minute she made me want to pull my hair out and all the others that she loved me with every thing she had because that’s the only way she knew how to love!

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