Carrying her with me..Taylor Swift Oct. 17 2015

In May of 2013 Taylor Swift came through Texas on tour. Sydney and I had talked and planned on going but I didn’t realize how early we needed to get tickets and by the time I went to get them they were outrageous..I decided to wait until her next tour so tickets would be a little cheaper..Sydney was disappointed but even though she was spoiled she never asked to be..I just spoiled her on my own so she easily accepted my promise and was excited about looking forward to the next almost 2 1/2 yrs later Taylor Swift is touring through Texas..I promised her we would go so there was no way I was going to miss it..I wrapped myself in the things that reminded me of her..I wore her favorite vest, her boots and was joined with one of her sweetest friend and “we” went to see Taylor Swift last night. I’m not gonna lie I missed her every matter how hard I try I can’t fill the emptiness especially when it comes to something we had planned for so long to do together but at the same time I also felt her with me..She was dancing singing and laughing with Lindsey and I..It is often in my hardest moments that her spirit encourages and fills me the most..I’m positive she was determined to let me know she was with me❤ I wanted to say a special thank you to Lindsey Mitchell for walking beside me carrying my precious babies memory so honorably and living her life for God the way Sydney would want. This was a once in a life time moment and you helped me “live” it for Sydney. I hope you know I Thank God often for putting you in our lives because I know a blessing as special as you only comes from God.

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