The Greatest Gifts

As time passes I’ve learned the greatest gifts are when someone is willing to have a conversation with me about Sydney..I still have a daughter I’m still her mom..she did more than teach me in her 16 years 9 months and 24 days..she continues to teach me things each and every day..I appreciate when someone takes the time to share their stories of Sydney..what she taught her love affected them..changed them or inspired them..stories of random acts of kindness done in her her book touched someone’s life or spoke to them..God continues to bless us and show us that yes some walked away and chose to not live the life she wanted them to live..but she’s also touched ppl’s lives she never knew..For the longest time I fought so hard wanting those closest to her to be the ones to tell her story and share with others what God did in her life..I chased after people which only added to my pain instead of providing me hope and a reason to continue..God continued to stand beside me redirecting me time after time until I finally let go so I could receive the people who did want to be a part of her legacy..I finally learned the lesson he was teaching me..I don’t need to chase people..He will provide the opportunities to share her legacy just like he faithfully provided her legacy..His plan is not my plan, but when his plan gets carried is far greater than my greatest dreams and it continually leaves me in awe of who he is..When I originally made her book I hoped to see pictures and hear stories of the journey her legacy made..I’ve only gotten a few of those stories but the few I have gotten have given me the encouragement to continue sharing her love for Gods truth with the world. It’s been bothering me that if a random person looks her up via the information from a card or her book on the Internet..they don’t find out who she was or the story behind the card or book instead they find out about the accident..I don’t want ppl to focus on the accident or that she’s gone but instead that she LIVED a life full of love and happiness. The kind of love and happiness that last beyond this world..So I’m currently working on a website for her so that when you search her you will find something more than news stories of the accident and it will become easier for me to share your stories..her story..her testimony..and the lessons we learn as we walk through the remainder of my life without’s an overwhelming task as I am not a computer person but with the help of my sweet friend I’m muddling through it hoping to have at least a shell up soon. I don’t want to waste a single opportunity to show others God’s love and truth!!

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