My journey begins as the sun rises with a thank you and invitation

Words can not describe my heart ache and sorrow. God blessed me beyond understanding the last 16years and I will forever be greatful. She made me so proud everyday and now a part of me is missing. God called my beautiful angel to heaven and I planned to live everyday honoring her memory and living the life she would want me to live believing in God and loving and honoring him everyday. Stacy and I watched the sunrise the morning and he said “Here she comes because that what she was to me the Sunshine of my day and she is forever going to shine on me” Thank you to everyone who has reached out to us. I can not return all the text, messages, and calls right now as we have to spend our minutes perparing her beautiful services, but as the days go on I will try to repsond to each of you as I am forever greatful to everyone helping us get through this tragedy. Visitation will be at Hillier Funeral Home on Monday 6-8pm and the Funeral will be at Central Baptist Church Tuesday at 3pm. If Sydney Lisa Jeter ‘s smile ever touched your heart than please know you are welcome to come celebrate her amazing and inspiring life.

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