We made plans…

Our hearts stay heavy with sorrow. Thinking a lot this week about all the plans we had made that stretched beyond 7/10/13. I will tell all you Moms and Dads to remember not only that your not promised tomorrow but that your not promised right now God doesn’t have to let your babies come home from school or let you tuck them in at night. Appreciate them right NOW because they can walk out the door for ice cream and never come home. I have very few regrets ever with Sydney as we lived and did so much together. Oh how God blessed me so very much with how close she allowed me to be with her as a teenager. However the closeness causes the pain to be so much sharper and deeper into my soul. No matter how much time you have or have given I can promise you its never enough when they are gone forever. You always want more…Last year at this time we were running around finalizing homecoming plans. My heart feels so very crushed as I won’t get the joy of seeing her all beautifully dressed up and capturing her happiness in my pictures. Instead her dress and shoes will stay exactly where they are in her closet as I do the only thing I can do PRAY!

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