My first Mother’s Day without one of my kids

My first Mother’s Day without her..Today has been a constant reminder that Sydney isn’t here..I’ve cried most of the heart and soul are bleeding and I don’t know how to stop many people checked on me today, prayed for me and sent me text messages wishing me a happy Mother’s Day and I am more than blessed by everyone of of Sydney’s friends came and got me and prayed with me at churchthe encouragement was not lost just because I’m still crying. Its what enabled me to take each breath when it hurts so badly to breath..I layed in Sydney’s room and cried myself to sleep then woke up and continued to cry..I miss her..My daughter wasn’t here to post a picture with me telling me how much she loved me..I didn’t get to post a picture, I didn’t get to hear her say Happy Mothers Day or Mommie I love you. A Day moms cherish so much has become the biggest realization that one of my babies is gone forever..but then I’ve got this precious boy that I’m so thankful for..his heart is like something I’ve never seen..he’s matured so much since that night..the bottom picture is the text that he sent me as he was getting into bed tonight..he included his sister in his message to me..that’s two days he’s shown how much he loves his sister and his mom and Dad..Thank you for all the prayers..I will always see more than clouds and a blue sky when I look up


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