Memorial Day…I’m not BBQing

Today’s Memorial Day..I haven’t spent this weekend celebrating, drinking, or BBQing..for the first time I realize this weekend isn’t about a three day weekend..its about remembering those we’ve lost..honestly I remember every single heart will never be the life will never be the same..While so many I know are looking forward to graduation..Im forced to look forward to her headstone arriving..She had the most beautiful smile, a beautiful heart, was graduating a year early and still within the top 4% of her class..ppl often tell me she in a better place..yes she is..but she wasn’t in a bad place here..The most obvious thing about Sydney was that she brought out the BEST in others..she made doing the right things fun and exciting..she believed in you even when you didn’t deserve it..I’m forever missing her, forever loving her, and forever remembering her..because I simply can’t accept not having her a part of my life everyday @sydneylisa

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