Spring Break Adventure for Sydney 

Stacy Cameron and I started spring break a little early this year..Some of our best friends have spring break the week before ours so we left out on Friday and they held over on Monday so that the boys would be able to enjoy some of spring break together. So we headed off to do Spring Break at Garner on The Frio River. If you asked Sydney her favorite place I’m pretty positive she would say The Frio and we were so blessed to get to share some of the things Sydney loved so much with our best friends. I can’t say it took away the pain because that’s impossible but Cameron got to tell stories of his last spring break with Sydney and reminisce about climbing old baldy with her and taking pictures in the same spot he took them with her. It filled my heart to hear him talk about that last trip with his friends and how much he cherishes those memories. As the week went on we continued to create memories and adventure for Sydney..I climbed and hiked (which I don’t do) Cameron and his friends got all dressed up and went to the dance (Cameron did not dance but just going would have made his sister super proud) they even gave out some of Sydney’s cards to some of the girls at the dance and me and my non dancing husband danced at the Garner Dance for my sweet Sydney❤️My heart so heavy as all we really wanted was to be watching her instead of dancing for her. It was a trip filled with old and new and for me teenage boys instead of teenage girls. I laughter I smiled..I hurt..I cried..I wished..I prayed..and I fought hard to be and do everything she would want me to do and enjoy as much as I could even though with every beat of my heart there was an ache and emptiness that rushes over every part of you but she never failed to let us know she was there loving us and encourage us ..we saw bluebonnets on the drive lady bugs and rolly pollies at the shelter indentions in rocks shaped liked hearts sun rays in our pictures and some heart shaped clouds when we hit the top of old baldy❤️

Cameron Jackson and Connor at The Dance

  The whole crew!
  Dancing for Sydney👼🏻

The only thing that could make this better is to no need it at all

As a little girl and a beautiful young lady she loved the Frio River. I don’t know a better way to represent who she was and what she loved any better than to put the little girl she started as and the Godly young lady she became with the place that gave her so many amazing memories. Anyone that ever played soccer with her will immediately feel her when they see the back of her monument. It is all JETER. They will be installing at the cemetery sometime this coming week but definitely before the 10th..We anxiously awaited this headstone however receiving it and seeing it makes everything so final and real..we are so horrible heartbroken even though its absolutely beautiful! Love you Sydney forever and always!