Posting pics without her…a Mom’s worst nightmare

Before the game this past weekend. This is my family now. For those of you that worry about Cameron he is doing well. As hard as it is to accept and live life without my precious girl I don’t really have a choice as I love Cameron just as much and God gives me just enough strength to do what I have to so that his life is the best it can be. I’ve held these pics and not posted them because it tears me apart to post it without her in it. I’m living every Mom’s worst nightmare. Being forced to live without her has been torture. I want to hold on and just refuse to move but life is moving and everyday something else happens that she isn’t a part of and we have to make memories without her. I’m not sure where I would be if it weren’t for all the prayers as I have never hurt and suffered so bad in my life. The thought of living years without her brings me to my knees. I grasp for anything and everything to make me feel close to her so that I may glorify God while waiting for the day he blesses me with being reunited with my baby girl.

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