I am a broken person but I do not have a broken spirit

I may walk the rest of my life with a torn and broken heart missing everything about her..the laughter, the smiles, the constant playing around, the love she had and gave to others, the way at 16 she still called me mommy, how she always wanted to be touching you, but most of all I will miss watching her love, change, and grow in Christ like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Yes I’m broken to the core of my very soul. But I am not walking with a broken spirit. If Sydney Lisa Jeter taught me anything its that NOW is the only time you are guaranteed to be able to live your life for him. It is only by his grace and his promise that I may be in his presence and see my beautiful girl again. I’m comforted by the thought that no one not even me can take care of or love her the way God loves her. I live everyday for him and the promises he gave and died for…I live so that I may see her again. She lives next to a gracious and loving God watching over me as I struggle in my flesh and with my broken heart on this earth loving and taking care of her brother and her Daddy knowing that by my actions and walk with God. I will see her again. I will love my girl always and forever!

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