We will be fine one minute and falling apart the next

We have been blessed with a beautiful place to stay in Galveston for the last 3 days thanks to Jill Peterek Presnal and family. It has been a great distraction and it is so very beautiful. No matter where we go she stays in our hearts and minds. We will be fine one minute and be falling apart the next. Cameron and I were in Galveston with Sydney just 8 days before the accident. The memories are very cherished but also very raw. Stacy and I cried ourselves to sleep last night but wake up, try to stay encouraged, and continue to find out how to survive this life without Sydney. I’m posting a pic of the 3 of us. It seemed to be missing something so we included our thoughts and the best part to include one of her Instagram post she posted 9 days before she left us encouraging people. Please continue to pray for us as Christmas is coming whether we are ready or not.

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