How to manage the year anniversary of losing our child

Stacy and I have been thinking about what to do knowing that it will be one year July10th..We want to honor Sydney Lisa Jeter but also help ourselves walk through this day without completely losing it..Being alone is not the answer..being with family…well they are hurting too so we sit and cry together..We find healing when we do the things she did with people that loved we decided to do what Sydney would be doing on that day..but we need your help..we are opening our house up that day for anyone and everyone that wants to stop by swim, share memories, distract us, and visit..stay all day, stay a few hours, or stay 5 minutes..what ever is best for you..we are inviting anyone that knew Sydney or knew of Sydney..if her smile ever touched your life (even if only through a picture) you are welcome..Don’t come alone..Sydney did nothing alone..bring a friend maybe two even more just whatever works for you..our house will be open and ready..Sydney’s writings have been organized and placed in a book for all to see. Please come help us remember and see the legacy Sydney left in this world.

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