Saying Happy Father’s Day for Sydney

We realize how blessed we are to have Cameron come in and say Happy Fathers Day. Today as everyone post pictures with their Dad celebrating..we are very aware that we are missing a piece of us..Sydney wouldn’t have hesitated to post a picture with her Dad telling him how much she appreciated and loved him..She isn’t here but I’m positive she would have wanted me to do it for her..I saw the way she loved her Daddy and I know she is so very proud of him as he walks through this..Anyone that knows Stacy knows the restraint he has shown he is not capable of on his you realize how hard it is for a Dad to walk through everything we have walked through..His strength comes from God and his desire to make Sydney Lisa Jeter proud..She is forever with you Stacy Jeter and I know she is so very proud of you! Happy Fathers Day!

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