Time doesn’t heal…Oh how I wish it did

As the days pass the pain doesn’t go away..actually the pain increases..its so hard to try and continue when all you want to do is go back..go back to when we could hold her..laugh with her..talk with her..Stacy says she was the first thing he ever really prayed for and received. He wanted a girl first and God blessed us beyond what we could have ever dreamed..its so hard knowing we had so much to look forward to and it ended in the blink of an eye..How do you continue when your heart is broken beyond repair..no matter what we do we miss her..time gives no answer..as time goes on..the pain..becomes something we expect..or accept..in my opinion it doesn’t get better..you just become a custom to it..as it becomes a part of your life..we continue to struggle finding energy to overcome. We pray constantly for strength and the patience needed to make it through this long journey. We want nothing more then to glorify God and honor her. The best way to do that is stay focused on God through our pain and continue walking where he leads us. We continue to ask for prayers as we are experiencing the year mark to some of our very last memories with her.

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