Need to say Thank you

I wanted to take a moment and just thank everyone who has walked with us..supporting us through comments, text, calls, invites, posting on Sydney Lisa Jeter Facebook wall, prayers, and the willingness to be there in whatever way you can be. I know it can’t be easy watching a family struggle and suffer they way we have..I try to be as honest as I can when communicating with others..because if we aren’t honest how can you possibly know that we need help. Those who haven’t been scared away by where we are in this journey..I can’t thank you enough. You provide light in our darkness..We are forever going to miss her..oh my gosh she was such a beautiful spirit..she’s impossible not to miss and ache for..nothing is going to change that and if I don’t keep myself in reality its only going to be harder for us later. This emptiness will never go matter how close I feel to her..the hopes and dreams we had for the future will forever be felt. So accepting that is the first step in being there for us..ignoring the fact that she’s gone doesn’t make us feel it any less..instead remind me that she was here..that her life meant something..that she was loved..if she inspired you..there is no memory that is insignificant..they all touch our hearts and give us strength to continue. I’ve had such wonderful moments of happiness..they are short lived at this point but they are there because of the people who have chosen to walk beside a broken family with compassion and love. I am blessed for the moments and pictures I have smiling or laughing as I know they are true blessings from God! I will continue doing everything to glorify God and honor my precious girl..I will carry her with me forever!

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