Sharing the love that filled our house on the year anniversary

I wanted to stop by and share a little of the love that filled our house on the 10th. I know that most everyone did not actually hear of the accident until the the morning of July 11th but Sydney Lisa Jeter did actually leave us before midnight on the 10th. We spent the day on the 10th doing exactly what she would have or was doing the year before and I am so greatful and thankful for everyone that came out to help us. It was a true blessing to have people walking in and out all day long, kids playing in the pool laughing, meeting people that knew her that I didn’t know and hearing their stories of how they met her and what she meant to them, sharing the legacy God had her leave that showed her heart and soul they last two months of her life, showing people how important it was to her to separate from people and things that were pulling her away from honoring God, and the best part of the day was seeing that people were willing a year later to show up and respect and honor her. I felt the love they had for her and it touched me to my very core. For the Moms and Dads that’s children came please know I was complemented over and over by the adults here about how respectful and considerate the young adults and kids were. I cried less this day than I have any other day thanks to all who loved her in a positive way..protecting, honoring, remembering, sharing, and carrying her memory with them. I tried to take pictures with people that came by, but there was so many people..that I missed getting pictures with some very special people. Please know I am thankful for each and everyone of you that showed up, messaged me, tweeted me, or texted me whether I have a picture of you or were a light shining on me! This is a journey that is never ending as the next two days mark a year from the visitation and her funeral but everyday I suffer missing such an amazingly beautiful soul that meant the world to me. We appreciate all those who have continue praying for our family.

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