Vacations include pain

Vacations cause us as much pain as they do enjoyment and laughter. The pain of losing her is unending and many may feel we don’t appreciate the blessings of a beautiful vacation in Colorado but the truth is..we understand and appreciate every second of it..if we didn’t realize how big of a blessing it is we wouldn’t be able to fight through the pain..cry at night and smile during the day fighting so that we don’t waste one second that God has given us with Cameron..we aren’t at home in the bed giving into our sadness we are here seeking comfort from God walking his path as we try to continue living. My vacations may be filled with pain and sorrow but Its because of my loss and pain that I understand how blessed I important todays memories are to my tomorrow or Cameron’s tomorrow. I do not post on social media to pretend I have the perfect life or make you think nothing bad has ever happened to me..I post instead hoping to show you that even when life has given you the unbearable..the unending sorrow..If you truly believe and focus on God instead of letting it destroy can learn from it and even while enduring it possibly help others learn from it as well. I am thankful for every blessing God has placed on my family since we lost Sydney but it is not the blessings of this world that I am most thankful is the gift that he has given..the promises that my eternity will be filled with far more then the blessings I’ve received in this world

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