I’ve started to type out this status several times now but end up in tears, but today I’m going to push through because time isn’t going to slow down and stop for me and the 10th is coming whether I want it to or not. Many have asked if we are planning to do anything on July 10th, which will be 2 yrs since Sydney’s accident. I’ve learned many things since that horrific night. I’ve learned that this pain is never ending..time doesn’t make it better or easier and enduring the heartache alone only magnifies the emptiness. I could lay in bed and cry all day or I sit at the cemetery and cry but inside I know that isn’t what Sydney would want from us. She wants us to remember much she loved life, her laughter, her smile, her craziness, and most importantly her love for others and God. So again Stacy Jeter and I will have our house open for anyone who would like to stop by visit and offer support and encourage through out the day. You can stay for 5 minutes or stay the whole day whichever works for you schedule. The pool will be clean and waiting for people to enjoy it. We will have some BBQ and plenty of snacks. You do not have to know Sydney or us to stop by..If her legacy has touched you please consider coming by and sharing that with us. Last year on the 10th I had two girls stop by I had never met..It was one of my biggest blessings to hear their stories and get to know them. I will also have a few of her books there for anyone who might want to look through it or who may want a copy. We will also be sending up a few sky lanterns at dusk. We appreciate all the people who have continued to walk beside us and pray for us. We are forever grateful!! Love you forever and always Sydney Lisa Jeter

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