The story of job

I’m going to be honest. I do not like the story of Job. I do not find comfort in even the restoration that God provided because when you’ve lost a child you know what the rest of the world doesn’t..there is no restoration for what you’ve lost apart from heaven. Another child or 10 more children will NEVER replace the unique beautiful ones he lost or we have lost. Money and stature may make grieving a little easier as the weights of everyday life may be a little less but it DOES NOT take away the pain of losing and missing your child. I wanted to start by saying that because I think the story of Job is so much deeper than what we are often taught today. I hear this story told and it’s often told in a way that encourages people to continue when it’s dark because if you do God will restore everything to you. He may however he may not..regardless Job didn’t have his story to encourage him or a story of someone else to encourage him. He had himself and his faith in God. I think Job’s story isn’t about what happened at the end, I think Job’s story is about showing and teaching us that even in the dark times unbeknownst to us, if we trust and continue regardless of our circumstances he can use us as a witness and to encourage others. Maybe Jobs story isn’t about the blessings at the end, maybe it’s about the fact that he walked into the darkness and trusted God not knowing how it would end. The relationship that obedience created between God and Job was unbreakable because Job knew God was and will forever be his only hope. The story of Job is a witness of the belief that we are nothing apart from God and to what profit is it for a man to gain the world but lose his own soul. Something to think about..or maybe just what I think about.

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