Today marks 100 days without her

Today marks 100 days without one of the biggest and loving personalities I have ever known. I miss her so much. Words can’t really describe. I appreciate all the prayers and support everyone has given us through this storm that seems to continue to darken. Stacy will often tell me that this is wrong and more than unfair. We lost our baby girl, all the dreams she had. She won’t be there for Cameron’s first girlfriend, his school sports, his graduation, ect… He misses his sister just as much as we do…I thought I would share what I’ve learned these last 100 days…life has changed doesn’t get easier it gets matter how much you’ve done its never enough when their gone forever..crying becomes as natural as waking up…tears don’t dry up..thinking about the future feels like someone is ripping your heart out…what people think becomes important especially since all we have left is what people remember and their thoughts of her…even when you want to sit in your pity and not move God will send someone to lift you up and make you thankful…no matter how much you grab onto things nothing gives you the feeling of her being here and loving all over us…love doesn’t stop it continues to grow…even if you think you can’t live without someone you don’t always get that choice…I’m so thankful for all the out of the ordinary things I did with her…no matter how many times I fall God is faithful to pick me up and give me the strength I need to make it to the next day even when I didn’t think it was possible…missing her never stops… Sydney Lisa Jeter you will be with me forever and always.

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