Leaving a Legacy

This is from the book she read that touched her so deeply and helped transform her into the beautiful Godly young lady she had become. She thought at one time that she wasn’t good enough to be used by God. That you needed to be perfect but honestly its never too late to be used by God. She realized this and was using every gift he gave her to honor and glorify him. The last statement is so very true The greatest testimony is not how we start but how we finish. She wasn’t given much time here on earth but in her short time she touched so many people. I can’t say that they have all followed her lead but I know I have. The things she left in this house for me to find are beyond the maturity of a 16yr old because she was working for God she had his wisdom. We don’t think about our kids teaching us but Sydney…well she has taught me that following God is not circumstantial. I must love and follow through every season of my life even when one of my biggest treasures has been taken from me. She is my inspiration and strength and I’m proud to say I’m part of her legacy. She finished strong and she is being rewarded and I can tell you I feel like I have some pretty big treasure up there waiting for me to finish strong! I love you Sydney Lisa Jeter you are forever living not only with Jesus but inside of me😇

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