Thankful God knows my heart

I’m blessed that God knows my heart. That he can see that even though my pain is deep and overwhelming I am thankful. I know through this horrible nightmare that he blessed me. I’m thankful for the last day I had with her and that we did nothing but hangout and talk about God all day. I’m thankful for all the writings she left so I would be encouraged to continue to live for God so I am blessed with seeing her again. I’m thankful I have a text from my baby just hours before she left this earth telling me she was a blessed daughter. I’m thankful that God didnt let her suffer. I’m thankful he blessed me with knowing her salvation was secure and that the minute she was out of the body she was present with The Lord. I’m thankful that he allowed me to grab ahold of every moment with her and live them the way we did. I’m thankful that she was an amazing loving person and her love was so strong we still feel it through her pictures. I’m Thankful he gave her to me over 17 years ago. I’m Thankful that I have an amazing Husband and son that understand that I’m going crazy and love me anyway. I’m Thankful for my son, knowing he is a gift and can be taken from me at anytime. I’m Thankful to still have him to call me mommy and say I love you! I’m Thankful for all of our friends and family that have been there and stood beside us during these tough times. I’m thankful for her friends who allow us to still be a part of their lives so we didn’t have to lose her and everything she loved. I have never hurt so bad in my life…a part of me is gone forever and I will never be the same. But through that pain I am most thankful that God loved us enough to send his son here to die a horrible death so that my baby could be taken to a place so beautiful and perfect our minds can’t even understand. Because his son took the punishment she deserved…I deserved…we deserved. That is a love I can not understand but am Thankful for. She waits for me in a perfect place while I finish living the life I must live in order to receive my gift of eternal life with My God and my precious baby

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