Dealing with grief along with lies and betrayal..thanks to those who helped us

I haven’t posted in a while and to be honest I just haven’t been able to..Our lives have been ripped apart again as we walk through the pains of losing Sydney. It is unbelievable what we have had to walk through and the damage done to the hearts of so many that should be focused on grieving Sydney instead of dealing with lies, and betrayals towards Sydney her family and her true friends. I have used Facebook as a healing tool for me to share my deepest emotions not only to rid them from my mind but hopefully help others understand the depth of pain that until you experience unimaginable. I had to stop my healing process and instead attend to what I was being dealt. I could have come screaming to Facebook about my injustice, pointing fingers, and attacking those who have done these disgusting, horrible things to my daughter’s memory and my family but I didn’t…I stopped gathered with my husband cried, prayed and asked others for Godly advice and guidance. That my friends is an extremely hard thing to do when you daughters memory is being attacked and disrespected all by people who say they love her…It has been a long painful road but we have walked it with God right beside us every step of the way. He has never once left us or not provided the Godly answer we needed. I have never been more proud of my husband and his strength through this journey. Yesterday marked 7 months my baby girl has been gone…I for the first time was able to be unselfish and could feel happy that she wasn’t here going through the pains her father, true friends and myself have…she sat next to Jesus with no tears no pain and not having to feel that betrayal…because I know the only thing that could hurt worse then the pain I feel is to have to watch her endure it. Thank you God for protecting her and keeping her safe from that pain…she deserves non of what has happened…she loved people with everything she had…and always saw the best in people even when they didn’t deserve it because she knew at one point in her life she didn’t deserve the love of God but he loved her anyway…Her spirit was amazing and I will forever be blessed to have been her mom. Friday night the community gathered to honor my daughter at the crosstown showdown Consol vs Bryan soccer game. It was beautiful and helped remind us that although what we are dealing with is hard, hurtful, and real…it is just a very small portion of the community..and that showed on Friday when her soccer teammates from Rec, club, and school, the soccer community, her family, and her best friends their with her family showed up and made the most beautiful ceremony. Thank you everyone that has prayed, stood with us, and most importantly truly loved our daughter. I am and will always be Greatful!

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