Happy Valentine’s Day Sydney Lisa Jeter

Happy Valentine’s Day Sydney Lisa Jeter No way was I gonna let you go without flowers on Valentine’s Day💞so I made this arrangement with the help of an amazing friend at Petal Patch. I was volunteering to help her and had ordered Sydney’s arrangement when she said why don’t you make it for her..and here it is…I think its perfect..Red Roses to represent her ultimate beauty, white carnations to symbolize her elegance, and the popping yellow daisies to capture her amazing personality that shines so bright on everyone she loved..and the final touch a lady bug to symbolize her protection and love for her family and ability to want to stand up for those that deserved it..I miss my baby girl so much..I live life with a whole right in the center of my heart and soul. All I can do is make her flowers I can’t hug her kiss her or spend time talking to her😢👼but never not for a second does my mind ever rest from thinking and praying she were still here. I know she had the best valentines day ever though because her Valentine was not a human man that can let you down but the ONE TRUE PRINCE Jesus! Forever missing you Sydney…Love you sweet pea!

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