My suffering has allowed me to experience God’s love like never before

The pain is more than I can handle more than I can bare more than I ever thought possible…I can not say enough or post enough to explain how challenging it is to find hope when someone you loved so much is taken from you. My life is not what I imagine or dreamed I lost a part of me not by choice but I have to have faith and believe that my God is a loving God he wouldn’t take her to destroy me. He is still there for me everyday to sustain me through this life that has now become so difficult for me. My suffering has allowed me to experience Gods love and guidance like never before as I know the depths of my pain I know it is through him I make it to the next day. I feel the emptiness around me I miss her beautiful smile, her laughter, and her love for God but I stand up and try to smile and walk forward boldly with God to honor and glorify him and to make her proud. I may feel the emptiness but God continues to bless me. He keeps Sydney Lisa Jeter light shining bright all around me every time I pick up a camera here comes the light so that I smile knowing she is right there with me shining as bright as she always did. Letting her momma know she will never be apart from me.

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