Missing her no matter where we are

The last several months we have learned..we miss her no matter where we are the grocery store, the house, the mall, the beach, the truth is we miss her every second..we’ve also learned that nothing takes away the pain so we can’t avoid people, places, or things..being with the people she loved, doing the things she loved, in the places she loved is some of the closet moments we have with her so we are leaving tomorrow to head to the Frio River/Garner State Park for spring break carrying our girl every second with us in our hearts because it is impossible for us to do anything without her..we can not live life without thinking about her or wanting to see and hear her enjoying this life with us..she is forever connected to our souls and she lives forever deep within us..that will never be enough for my aching heart but its impossible for me to have it any other way..because if you could die from a broken heart💔 I wouldn’t be alive and if love could have saved her..she wouldn’t have died🙏

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