Friends and teammates who started “Play for Jeter” come to play with her brother

Again…the soccer community goes above and beyond to walk beside our family..this time stepping in and on the field to play some soccer with Cameron..You see out of all the projects people have started “Play for Jeter” is one that Cameron has the desire and opportunity to pick up and be a part of..He has attended two Play for Jeter memorial games but has never had the opportunity to “Play” with her teammates and friends..I can’t think of a better way to support him then for some of her original teammates who started the project “Play For Jeter” and some of the young men that knew her, giving their time to step on the field and play soccer with him and a few of his teammates..What a beautiful gift it is for not only Sydney to have been a part of this soccer community but Cameron as well.  Much respect and appreciation for all of these people

I wanted to include the names of all the people who showed up to play with Cameron:

Back row left to right: Cade Williams, Tucker Simms, Kylan Lewis, Daniel Zivney, David Gan, Alex Acton, Oscar  Cameron Jeter, Shane Grant, Allen Aldape, Jack Edner..front row-Alex OCampo, Carlos Espina, Maddie Wilke, Megan Lewis, Callie Walton, Alex Stewart, and Sammy McKenzie


Play for Jeter featuring Derrick Dick Cat to Tiger to Roadrunner

I never knew when I took Sydney to her first middle school football game the adventure ahead of us. She was a soccer player and my son was too small to be playing so of course I had no idea I would be sitting in the stands week after week but Sydney and I feel in love with watching the boys her age play so passionately.  I’m so thankful for all the memories we made traveling to and from games. After the accident I wasn’t quite sure if and how I belonged anymore.  My son still too small to be a part, and my daughter no longer here…My heart wanted to be where we had planned to be together but I didn’t want to make people uncomfortable. That is where this young man stepped in..He not only carried Sydney’s memory as he played but he texted me before games and made sure I felt welcome and always found my family after every game making us feel a part of something I no longer knew how to be a part of..He was never too uncomfortable..never too upset..never too popular..and never too busy.  As soon as the Soccer community began promoting “PlayForJeter” bracelets he not only asked me for one but told me he would continue to play for her..even as he transitioned from High school football into College Football at UTSA.  Many things have changed over the last two years and many people have faded away..So trust me when I say there is NOTHING that lifts a broken mothers heart more than someone who continues to walk beside you when you know they have so many other choices. His heart is as special as his talent.  He is always interacting with the younger generation inspiring them to never give up on their dreams and always seems to keep an eye out for the less fortunate offering his support.  He helped us pick out and pick up our Christmas tree last year because we didn’t have a truck to get it home and continues to watch out for and be a part of Cameron’s life.  I can not thank him enough for all he has done for not only Sydney but my family. I have included some of my favorite pics of him (wearing the blue “PlayForJeter” bracelet)..some pics of him and Sydney and a pic I edited of them together..I still believe she is one of his biggest fans!!

2nd Annual Memorial Game “Play for Jeter”

Play for Jeter

Everything that came out of Sydney Jeter’s mouth was wonderful: wonderfully loving, wonderfully witty, wonderfully joyful, and wonderfully sarcastic.  Sydney seemed to feel emotions more strongly than the rest of us.  When she was angry, she was furious.  If she liked you, she loved you.  She was always quick: quick on the soccer field, quick with her wit, quick to laugh and quick to love. and when she loved, she loved ferociously.  She would fight tooth and nail to defend those she loved.  She would shower you with affection. Sydney made you feel special. Being around her was like having your own personal sunshine; a sun that burned brightly and fiercely.  Sydney was passionate and vibrant and unforgettable.  She was a light so bright that if you closed your eyes you could still see her image in front of you.  To quote the musical group, Train, “When I look to the sky something tells me you’re here with me and you make everything alright”

Tonight and every night we “Play for Jeter”

written by Hannah Steward

Coach Stuart Keogh wrote-I would like to welcome everyone to Tiger Stadium. Tonight we celebrate the life of Sydney Jeter, A&M Consolidated class of 2015.  Sydney enjoyed her family, her fiends and soccer.  Many of you here tonight grew up with Sydney on the soccer field.  Whether you were her team mate, a parent, a coach or one of her many friends that came along to watch, you are a part of a community for Sydney and her family, the soccer community is counted as both family and friend. Special guest tonight joining the players on the field are:

Sydney’s parents-Stacy and Michelle Jeter, and Brother Cameron Jeter..It is with great pleasure that the A&M Consolidated Girls and Boys Soccer teams stand on Tiger Field to remember their friend, classmate and team mate, Sydney Jeter, in the 2nd Annual Sydney L. Jeter Memorial Soccer Game. Please stand for a moment of silence


2nd Annual Sydney L Jeter Memorial Game

There are no words to express how amazing it is that ppl loved Sydney enough to continue events like last night..for anyone who is or has been a part of carrying her memory..PlayingforJeter..sharing her legacy..and most importantly keeping her memory alive..I am forever greatful..appreciative..and blessed. I know many who have lost children who do not have this precious gift y’all have given us and I know you will never understand what it truly means but what I do know is that God and Sydney do..With every picture posted..every time her friends approach me not afraid to talk to me..the ones that didn’t know her at all but KNOW her now..YOU are Gods constant reminder to us that Sydney was and IS loved despite the heartache and reality that a few sought out to hurt us MANY more have stepped forward to overwhelm us with the love they have for her..So as time moves forward please remember it is okay to tell us you thought about let us know she touched your life or if something good came because of her inspiration..or just to simply say you miss seeing her smile..its not sad it is a blessing that encourages us to continue. I want to say a special thanks to the Tiger Club for her Senior Tiger Paw..A&M Consolidated High School..The Soccer Community..The Tiger Soccer teams last year and this year for sharing your love for Sydney with others who may or may not have been able to know or play with her..and last but certainly not least Kim Stewart Alex and Hannah Stewart for arranging and organizing not one but two memorial games in Sydney’s honor..for the perfect words written by Hannah that let me know someone else really “KNEW” Sydney..Its not possible to describe the indescribable appreciation Stacy Jeter Cameron and I feel for all that y’all have done!

I won’t see maroon or purple I will see her teammates whom she loved

19 months today..some days I feel I’m still in shock and denial and some days its so real I can’t breath..missing her consumes my mind 24/7 and nothing eases the desire to have her back..Yes I feel her spirit..yes she lives in my heart..but that isn’t enough to take away the desire to hear her laughter, to hug her, to be loved by watch her live..
Tonight I plan on attending the soccer game..for those that don’t know Sydney’s freshman year we only had one high school in College Station and Sophmore year her class was split as a new high school opened. Tonight is the first time those two high schools will play each other. I unlike most that will be there will not look out and see Maroon or Purple..I will look out and see her teammates whom she loved..her first high school coach on one side of the field..her last high school coach on the other side of the field..I have so many memories with so many of the girls I feel like they are part mine even though they aren’t but yet mine can only be there in Spirit..I wouldn’t want to miss it yet it is painful all the same..I’m very greatful to know that as I watch and support them that most out there will be PlayingforJeter!

Sydney’s competitive teammates “Play for Jeter”

It is always a blessing when I can have this many of Sydney’s competitive teammates together again⚽I have four schools in town with players she loved and played with for years even though her High school soccer home was A&M Consolidated. I’m forever greatful that this soccer comminity continues to remember and honor my sweet girl.



Play for Jeter homecoming

Sydney had some amazing best friends and we are so thankful that they continue to walk beside us forever helping us remember how special she was. I wanted to make sure I took the time and honored those who have sent me pics letting me know they are “Playing for Jeter” so it was the focus of the mum I made her for homecoming. I miss her more and more everyday but I’m forever honoring her with all that I have..Love you Sydney Lisa Jeter I hope you love it


Play for Jeter

Posted by one of our dear friends Kristi Weithorn

On the field playing in JV then suits up for Varsity Cheerleading! Love this boy so much and proud to be his mom! Even in the excitement of it all it was important for him to play for our angel Sydney. My heart swells with love…

Mother’s Day..Play for Jeter..Cameron playing for Sydney

Today is Mothers Day and I’m missing Sydney. She was the one that made me a first born. The day you become a mom your whole life changes. You look into your babies eyes and you know your soul and heart are linked. A mothers desire is for nothing more than to help their child succeed and become the best they can be..I would have given up anything for my child. I didn’t carry around 400 dollar purses, I didn’t wear expensive clothes, didn’t have the most expensive cars, but I lived life and made all kind of memories with my kids..Just like your life changes the day your baby is born..your life will also change the minute you hear your child is gone. All your future dreams are shattered. Every single perfect memory is always missing something..its missing my baby girl..and I can never be okay with that EVER..God blessed me with two amazing children..two..and I was so proud of Cameron yesterday. He played his last soccer tournament of the season. I won’t steal his words you can read them for yourself as I’m attaching his Instagram post..I just couldn’t be more proud of him and I’m so thankful for the heart he has..our family has changed, his momma cries all the time, his Dad cries, he has also learned how awful a few people can be, they have hurt him also..but he continues to try and be the best he can be..and I realize how lucky I am to have such a sweet caring boy..His post brought tears to my eyes! We miss you Sydney Lisa Jeter😇Always and forever! We will forever carry you with us! #PlayforJeter